Some do

Kristen Daley

For the cheap date- Gifts $10 and under

1. The Kissing Bears from Hallmark- These cuddly critters are so cute! They can kiss and hold hands. The best part is that they are buy one get one free with the purchase of any Hallmark card! That’s two bears for $2.95!

2.The Bath and Body Works Raspberry Truffle Heart-shaped candle- This one smells great, just like candy! Trust me, my dog tries to jump up on my desk everytime i burn it! And it’s only $10.

3. Take you valentine out for coffee and pastry at a cute little cafe like Brewed Awakenings. The intimate setting should work wonders.

4. Can’t afford roses? No problem. Carnations are a lovely, sweet-smelling alternative. Pink, White or red will do!

5. Burn a mix CD of his or her favorite love songs. The blank disc costs about $.25, and you’ll have to pay Napster’s monthly fee!
6. Send him/her a big bunch of balloons at work or at home!

7. Russel Stover’s candies should it the spot if your Val pal has a sweet tooth! You can even get a cute box with Snoopy, Taz or a singing Elvis Presley!

8. Write a poem and read it to him or her!

9. A framed picture of the two of you snuggling is always a cute idea. Make sure to put it in a pretty frame with lots of pink and red hearts!

10. Yourself in a red bow!