College Republicans hoping for fresh start

The Quinnipiac College Republicans are re-starting their club this year under new management.
Chairman Scott Bingaman said the goal of the group is to be an outlet for students on campus and help them understand where conservatives are coming from.
“This is a platform for people to discuss conservative issues,” said Bingaman. “We are here to let [students] know that there is an alternative to the left-liberal movement. If you want to hear our ordeals, come on board.”
Bingaman said the group has eight solid members so far, but that 25 additional persons have shown interest. His goal for this year is to solidify College Republicans as an organized group as well as educate students, faculty and staff about republican stand points. He also plans to strengthen the ties with the Student Government Association.
“We want to show that we are a compassionate conservative group with a republican agenda,” said Bingaman. “This is not some right-wing activist group who is out there to anger people. We will voice our opinion, but in a respectful manner.”
Bingaman said compassionate conservatism follows the agenda for the republican party.
“It means compromising on some ideals from the left to bring a more centered and moderate ideology to the party,” he said.
The Quinnipiac College Republicans Club participates in elections and tries to get people out to vote. The members of the club also attends debates, organizes food drives and volunteer their time to homeless shelters.
“We are very involved in the community,” said Bingaman.
Meetings are held every Thursday at 7 p.m. in BC 129. The first meeting will be Oct. 24.
For more information, contact Scott Bingaman at [email protected]