Hellenic Society reaches out to the community

In addition to sororities and fraternities, there is another form of Greek life on campus. The Hellenic Society is an organization that represents the Greek student body and promotes knowledge of Hellenic heritage, culture and traditions.
“The Hellenic Society was created to promote and portray the Greek culture within the Greek community and University community and to initiate and promote relations between other organized Greek students in other Universities and institutions of higher learning,” said Maria Athanasopoulos, the founder and president of the Hellenic Society.
The Hellenic society is organizing community service events for this year. Members are preparing to take a trip to New York City in November, to visit the Ronald McDonald House, which helps promote strong emotional and physical growth in children across America.
The organization is also planning on donating clothes, toys and food to the charity later this semester. The Society is also throwing a party for the children.
The members are preparing for a busy November.
“We are having a bake sale, and each month we have Greek night and go to New York City to Greek restaurants, caf