Witherspoon has Southern flare in “Sweet Home Alabama”

“Sweet Home Alabama” can be summed up with a cliche of two words: “Chick Flick.” Although I don’t think the guys would mind watching the gorgeous Reese Witherspoon for an hour and a half, this one was definitely for the females.
“Alabama,” directed by Andy Tennant (“Ever After”), has all the elements for a hit movie. The modern day love story finds a girl who recently gained fame in the fashion industry, gets engaged to a JFK, Jr., look-alike bachelor (Patrick Dempsey) whose mother Kate (Candice Bergen) just happens to be the Mayor of New York City and planning on running for president. No bad publicity allowed.
Before the engagement is official, Melanie (Witherspoon) has to sweep some dust under the rug back home in Alabama. There is just one problem, though. She is still married to her childhood crush, Jake (Joshua Lucus), and needs a divorce.
Of course, not all goes as planed. Fate takes its turn and it is a turn for the worse. Melanie finds herself back home after seven years with some old friends and realizes how much she has changed. But, all is not lost; the wedding is moved down South for some hilarious comedy.
The film is riddled with comic innuendos. Most if it has a Southern twist, and this humor is appropriate considering Melanie’s circumstances.
The soundtrack is great also. Despite the obvious original classic rock reference to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s song, which was featured in the trailer, folk starlet Jewel plays the song for the soundtrack. An all-star cast of artists includes alt-country crooners Dolly Parton and Ryan Adams, as well as newer artists Avril Lavigne, Uncle Kracker and The Calling.
In a recent interview on E! Witherspoon, said she didn’t have to hide her true accent for this film. Originally from the South herself, Witherspoon felt right at home filming around the state of Georgia.
Witherspoon can also be seen soon in the upcoming film “Legally Blond 2,” coming in 2003. The blond lawyer is headed for Washington D.C., believe it or not.