Joining clubs keeps students active

Jenn Press

Colored flyers and banners surround the walls advertising various clubs and student organizations. Why join? There is a club to suite everyone’s needs and if there is not one of interest, students are free to start their own!
Clubs are beneficial because keeping busy helps students work harder by encouraging time management. Students who are not active have a tendency to procrastinate with the excuse that they have plenty of time to do work at a later date.
Involvement in an activity is especially beneficial to those who have a lot of down time in between school work.
“It feels good to be out there doing something,” said freshman Alyssa Haaland.
Having a meeting to attend helps keep students on a schedule in a responsible manner. Clubs also provide a positive way to spend time, without taking away from studying or parties.
Reflecting back to elementary school days when “secret clubs” were popular, these organizations enforce friendships, unity, personal growth, knowledge and awareness. The feeling of being need for the better of the organization, valued for opinions, and respected as part of a whole, encourage students to join clubs.
Organizations on campus are also a way to train for real life. Montage, The Chronicle, The Photography Club, Student Nurses Association and WQAQ are beneficial to get hands-on work experience. Religious and diversity organizations such as Hillel, Christian Fellowship, G.L.A.S.S., Black Student Union, Latino Cultural Society and the International Student Club provide a common place for students to feel comfortable with their ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs and sexual preferences.
Organizations help students discover themselves, pursue personal interests and be accepted for who they are. They can find people who are like them and promote awareness on campus. People who may never have had the opportunity to meet, come together to reach a common goal.
Each organization provides an opportunity for students to enrich a talent or skill. Examples include Dance Company and Kickline.
As a way to relax from the college workload, clubs are easy to join and don’t necessarily take a lot of time. Many students join clubs out of personal desire.
Clubs generally have a board that is in charge, allowing those who wish to have power, an opportunity to be in control. Student run organizations provide the opportunity for students to have a say in what occurs on campus, such as the Student Government Association and the Student Programming Board. Also, being on a staff or board provides insight to the background of the clubs and helps students make decisions that affect others.
“Getting involved in clubs and activities helps you become a well-rounded and diverse person,” said Lin Sanstedt, vice president of the sophomore class at the Student Goverment Association. “Part of the QU community is getting involved. Being so involved has helped shape me as a person and has built me to be a better person.”