Make a W.I.S.H. come true

Holly Pullano

Are you interested in joining an exciting organization on campus, one that provides a relaxed atmosphere where students can share ideas about the needs and concerns of women? Would you like to become more involved in issues concerning women? Then look no further than Women Involved in Supporting Humanity, more commonly known around campus as W.I.S.H.
W.I.S.H. is a student-run and organized group that works to provide and promote projects to educate the Quinnipiac community.
W.I.S.H.’s main focus may be on issues involving women, but the group is also concerned with men and children, and the effects of discrimination, domestic violence, sexual assault and diversity issues in the community. W.I.S.H. is also a support network for women within the Quinnipiac community.
W.I.S.H. is involved with many events on campus and throughout the community. One of the main events is National Denim Day for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. This event is held on campus and throughout the country on the first Friday of each October. W.I.S.H. is involved in this event to promote breast cancer awareness and education, and is active in raising funds for the foundation throughout the rest of the month.
The organization also sponsors Quinnipiac’s Women’s History Month each year. During the month, different speakers and workshops are presented to the Quinnipiac community on such issues as self-defense, domestic violence, both sides of the abortion debate, date rape and other sexual assault issues.
A panel of women professors discussing their lives and roles as professional women is also presented. During Women’s History Month, W.I.S.H. sponsors screenings of women-themed movies.
W.I.S.H. sponsors an annual free spring concert featuring a local band. The group hosts free coffeehouses throughout the year, presenting student bands and providing coffee, tea and other refreshments for the whole community to gather and relax. The group also participates in Quinnipiac’s annual Wellness Fair, and conducts fundraisers throughout the year to benefit the club itself, as well as events that W.I.S.H. supports.
Contrary to popular belief, men are encouraged to join the organization or participate in W.I.S.H. activities. Membership in W.I.S.H. is open to all Quinnipiac students, regardless of sex, religion or race.
For more information, visit the W.I.S.H. office in SC 222, or call x8446.