Smile, say ‘cheese!’

Every person has his or her special talents, whether athletic, academic or artistic. Imagine being unable to display these talents, due to no fault of your own.
By finding people who share the same interests and locating a faculty member to advise the group and its supporters, you can be in the same situation as Lauren Wida.
Wida, a junior, has a passion for photography and wanted nothing more than to have the ability to flaunt her talent. Wida had photography skills in high school, and after a course in photography in her sophomore year at Quinnipiac, she asked her photography professor if there was a photography club here at the University. Much to her dismay, she found that there was not an organization where she could show her talent to the vast majority.
“I was shocked when I found out that there was not a photography club at Quinnipiac,” said Wida, who came to Quinnipiac in the fall of 2000.
Wida then went to Michael Miller, who was the director of the Carl Hansen Student Center at the time, and asked if she could start her own association of photography-loving students.
After comprising a constitution for the organization and gaining supporters, she went forward with her desires and started the Photography Club.
“The purpose of the organization is to take pictures and develop them to our best ability,” said Wida.
The Photography Club, which was approved this semester, is a place where students can display their photographic abilities.
“Anybody who is interested in any type of photography is a good candidate, whether their interests are in black and white, color or digital,” said Wida.
Some of the goals for the club are to have an art show in the spring semester, and to go to museums in New York City and New Haven. The group is also looking for a local photographer to sponsor their work and be a guest speaker later in the year.
Wida said the Photography Club is devoting much of its time to critiquing its members’ work and trying to improve it.
“We will try to improve photography skills,” said Wida. “In addition, allow our members to be creative with their work.”
As of now there are ten members in the Photography Club. Among the current members are Lauren Simeone, Christopher Galatioto and Meredith Jiaconia.
For more information about the Photography Club, contact Lauren Wida at [email protected] or faculty adviser Greg Garvey.