Furniture guide to Hamden

Moving away from the comfort of one’s home is not an easy transition for anyone.
Making the best of this situation is important and essential to a happy college experience. Choosing the perfect furniture to create the ideal living atmosphere is one way to make college life more comfortable.
There are many stores students visit in the Hamden area that will help you find what you need.
A good store to stop at is the Goodwill Store and Donation Center in Hamden. This store has many items including Futons at low prices.
Futons are a definite favorite among those living on campus, and they serve many purposes. Futons in excellent condition are sold for only $60.
A variety of tables range in price from $4 to $50 depending on the size.
Recliners are marked down to $50 and can be an asset to any studying college student looking for a comfortable place to read.
“Among the best sellers here,” said Cherie Erard, employee, “are the dishes and glassware. We get a lot of college students around August looking for inexpensive linens also.”
Most students venture out to chain stores such as Wal-Mart, Kmart and Kohl’s to find what they are looking for.
If you are in search of a container or storage holder, these are the stores for you. For a small price, you can chose from an array of different containers in all shapes and sizes.
Linens and comforters can also be found here and are both affordable and attractive.
There are unlimited choices for bath towels and other toiletries to make your unpleasant experience in community bathrooms a little more enjoyable.
Your choices are also unlimited when it comes to electronics. There is a great selection of name brand telephones, televisions and stereo systems.
For those looking for a more contemporary look, Pier 1 Imports is the place to shop. Located in Hamden off of Dixwell Avenue, Pier 1 is the perfect place to find all the odds and ends a college student needs.
Each year, new or returning students can look forward to Pier 1’s annual student 15 percent off sale, starting in the middle of August and running until the end of September.
At Pier 1, students can be on the look-out for such things as Papasan chairs, which are Vietnam influenced and carry a very different appearance. These Papasan chairs are round and made of wicker with big cushions. The price is around $150.
Pier 1 also sells denim sleeper sofas, but for this luxury you must be willing to pay about $375.
If their prices seem a little high for your budget, then the deferred payment plan beginning on Sept. 28, is in your best interest.
If you spend $250 or more, Pier 1 will defer your payment until February.
Also, opening a Pier 1 charge card entitles you to a 10 percent discount on your entire purchase.
Surviving the transition from the comfort of the homes to the chaos of dorm life is difficult, but with the right furniture and atmosphere, the new living quarters can become quite comfortable.