A Palestinian state

For over fifty years Israel has stood for a nation state meant to fix the mistakes of the Holocaust. Whether or not one agrees or disagrees, one must understand fact is fact. Israel was formed to right wrongs of the past, and with the backing of the United States remains one of the most stable and strong countries in the Middle East.
Now, how about giving Muslims a home country to call their own? Judaism has a home in Israel. With our politically correct nature in American society today it is hard to fathom why the United States only has supported Israel in the past.
America as a nation should take the next step toward a peaceful transition toward an eventual global culture. Eliminating tyrannical forms of government across the globe is only the first step. Sept. 11 was only our wake-up call to be more of a positive influence in dealing with other countries and cultures.
Nation building and rebuilding has been a constant strength for the United States. Japan and Germany are two of many examples where the United States influenced a greater change in a country’s development toward becoming a global economic force.
Having an influence that creates an official home for Muslims would be the best public relations move the United States could accomplish. This move would mark the dawn of a new era in international relations within Middle Eastern and Muslim communities. Supporting the formation of a Palestenian state is the first step towards a more balanced international policy. Two sides have to come to an agreement: the United States and Muslim communities worldwide. Palestine has a right to exist as much as Israel has existed over the past 50 years.
Sooner or later we will all realize it is better to have two religious nation states rather than just one. Having suicide bombers attacking innocent victims is a cry for help.
Palestinians and Israelis need to stand side by side in the growing global community.
The fact remains that the United States needs to help the people of the region, the victims, rather than their leaders that rarely solve their own citizens’ problems, but pad their own assets and concerns.