English Club opening doors to literacy lovers

The English Club: A place for reading, a place for writing, a place for expressing yourself.
The English Club is opening their doors to any literature-loving student who wants to spread the joy of reading and writing to the community.
The English Club consists of, but is not limited to, people who are English majors or who have interests in literature, arts, poetry, film or theater. Students looking for careers in advertising, e-media, journalism, law, public relations, publishing, teaching and writing are also encouraged to join.
The English Club’s primary focus is on Quinnipiac students, however, they do venture into the surrounding areas of Connecticut performing community service events. Literacy for Lunch is a community service project that not only benefits university students, but also elementary school children in the area.
Literacy for Lunch was started last year by an English Club member and a professor in the MAT program, who is also the principal of Monroe Elementary School in Monroe, CT.
“We met with gifted fourth grade students, who voluntarily gave up their lunch and recess to be with us once a month,” said Ann Kovall, president of the English Club. “The program is great for those looking to do community service, work with kids, or those who wish to become teachers.”
Many events take place throughout the year for the English club, and their biggest event is the Student Poetry Reading, which takes place in April.
“The Student Poetry Reading allows students to share their creative works, poetry and song, with their peers,” said Kovall.
The English Club will be looking for volunteers to display their work at the Student Poetry Reading next semester.
The club performs various community service projects that have included singing Christmas carols at local hospitals and officiating Bingo games at local elderly housing facilities in the past.
The club also goes on trips to many historic sites in the Connecticut area. Last year, the club went to the Mark Twain House in Hartford and the Harriet Beecher Stowe House, and the members attended productions at the Longwharf Theatre in New Haven.
The next meeting is on “Career Night,” Oct. 15, in EC 102 at 6:30 p.m. The program is sponsored by career services, and gives English majors foresight into the types of careers they can go into with an English degree.
For more information about the English Club, e-mail Ann Kovall at englishclub @quinnipiac.edu.