Dear Shelly


Dear Shelly,
Last year, my girlfriend and I dated on and off for the majority of the academic year. We did have small problems in the relationship that led to our time apart, but other then that, the relationship worked out well. Over the summer (we live four hours apart) we talked on a very limited basis, and grew apart. Now that school is back in session, should I let things go back to how they were?
Mr. Old Reliable

Dear Mr. Old Reliable,
I have a feeling you are still moderately interested in this ex and it is not hard to see why.
Of course you care for her, the two of you dated for an extensive amount of time.
But the relationship had issues which may be unresolved. Don’t overlook this in hopes that they will disappear.
The truth of the matter is that an individual usually cannot get over their traits of jealousy, obsessiveness, infidelity or a controlling nature.
The most common response for the reunion of a parted couple is that either you miss your ex, or you miss the comfortable feelings of being together.
The relationship lasted a long time. You know everything about this person. It is easy to go back to the past.
Remember, relationships end because things are too comfortable. The time spent together gets stale. One partner looses interest and thinks someone else can make them happier.
To sum it all up for you, Mr. Reliable, ex’s are ex’s for a reason.
We should never be afraid to try to meet someone new.
But if getting back together with your ex is your fate, the feeling to be with that person will be an undeniable force which will lead you back to the person you love.