‘Traffic’ actress Erika Christensen

Karen Grennan

After watching this teen thriller the realization is clear: every girl should watch after their boyfriend, because he just might be messing around with some psychopath.
“Swimfan,” directed by John Polson, can only be described as a teen version of “Fatal Attraction.”
Madison Bell (Erika Christensen) is the new girl at school and falls head over heels for varsity swimming champ Ben Cronin (Jesse Bradford). The catch: Ben has a serious girlfriend, Amy Miller (Shiri Appleby), who he is madly in love with.
In a moment of weakness, Ben falls into Madison’s trap. She seduces him just moments after he tells her about his girlfriend.
Madison tells Ben she understands, and that this is a one-time fling, but she proceeds to destroy his life after he brushes her off.
Madison becomes a stalker. She emails him, pages him and calls him non-stop. She also “drops by” unexpectedly at his house to meet his mother.
When Ben finally rejects her completely, Madison tries to sabotage his swimming career get him fired from his job at a hospital. She also tries to kill his girlfriend.
When Ben decides to fight back, Madison’s creepy cousin comes in handy, because he has some interesting knowledge of Madison’s past.
Although, this movie did not get very good ratings, it is a teen thriller that holds the audience’s attention for an entire 94 minutes.
“Swimfan” is a good movie to take your boyfriend or girlfriend to, as it shows what can happen when you mess with the wrong person.
It is similar to other teen thrillers like “The Crush” with Alicia Silverstone or “Fear” with Mark Wahlberg, but it is a film worth seeing.