New members join Kickline

There is no longer need to go to New York City to see a kickline performance. With 28 members, the Quinnipiac Kickline team might not be as impressive as the Rockettes, but they do perform every year at Midnight Madness and at selected basketball games. Eleven new members were selected to join the team after recent tryouts.
“We are such a fun group, but we also work really hard,” said Rachel Fass, captain of the team since two years back.
The team gets together twice a week, but as it gets closer to November, Fass said they will practice a lot more.
“We have fun outside the practices too,” she said. “We go out for dinner and stuff.”
For each performance, the Kickline team usually do things by a different theme, and Fass mentioned that last year’s theme was Michael Jackson. The team is not yet recognized and funded by the Student Government Association, but Fass said they have various fund-raisers every year in order to buy the costumes used during the shows.
“Everyone is extremely nice and we have become a great group of friends,” said Fass. “We are looking to compete at other schools soon.”