Web site restructuring creates new apperance


With the dawn of a new school year comes many changes and updates at the university, including the appearance and restructuring of the web site after two and a half years.
According to Director of Web Management Christian Drucker, the new site features recent pictures of current students and faculty, as compared to the old version that contained recurring pictures of students.
“By the time autumn’s foliage sets in, a photographer will be on campus snapping pictures of students,” he said. “Updated pictures will be seen all over the web site.”
The web site contains a new color scheme and a more professional look, as contrasted with the older version. The university hired outside web design freelancer, Paul Kazmercyk, to produce the current look.
“The two key objectives were to give the site a new look and make the site logical so that users would be able to navigate themselves easily around the site,” said Drucker.