Security to wheel out new bikes

Lauren Epifanio

Last semester it was new SUVs, a few weeks ago it was new shuttles, and soon security guards are expected to be seen traveling by new bicycles.

Purchased last month, each bicycle will be equipped with security and first aid equipment in hopes of either helping or preventing a mishap, according to the university.

For the past 12 years, Chief of Security & Safety David Barger said he wanted to keep campuses close and safe. Starting with the Mount Carmel campus, Barger hopes to have security patrolling all three campuses on bikes soon.

“It’s been a dream of mine since I got here 12 years ago to get a bike patrol rolling,” Barger said.

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Security guards are expected to be seen traveling by new bicycles in the near future.
The new patrol tool will build trust and better relationships between both security personnel and students, Barger said.

“I cannot say whether I think this type of purchase is necessary at this time or if it will bring more trust between personnel and students,” sophomore Elisha Dorsey said. “The bikes may add greater mobility and security coverage for our campus therefore guarding students’ safety which is security’s main priority.”

Students have their own perception of how they believe security acts on campus, and possibly, after the new bicycle approach is introduced, there will be different discernment.

“I think getting bikes is an interesting approach to them trying to get more involved in the community but they have the cars so I am confused as to why they need the bikes,” junior Courtney Ferreira said.

As of now, there have been three officers trained by instructor Nelson Arabazua from the International Police Mountain Bike Association: Brian Craco, Tracey McLean and Kevin Bulluck.

“These bikes will enable us to interact more with students and staff,” McLean said. “They can come up to us any time they want. We’re there for them.”

Arabazua has also trained the Connecticut State Police, the New York Police Department and federal officers in Washington D.C. Quinnipiac security learned advanced self-defense skills and how to be in better physical shape, using the bikes to their advantage.