Hussein in the membrane

Sean Hughes - Staff Writer

The country is divided concerning decisive action in Iraq. Evidence of weapons of mass destruction inside Iraq would provide the necessary impetus for a military assault on the nation. The reason not to attack has been the philosophy that a democratic nation is wrong to want other countries to have the same form of government. But that is not the ultimate issue.
It is simply the right time to attack. The question is not if Saddam Hussein can aquire weapons of mass destruction, but when. We can avoid a major catastrophe if we act now.
Do you want Hussein sending a warhead to Israel, New York City or Washington D.C. in response to our policies?
What happened to our country last year on Sept. 11 is only the beginning if Saddam Hussein acquired these weapons. What do you think the world would be like if Hitler acquired the nuclear bomb during World War II?
Think about it for a moment. Would you want to inhabit a society where someone was always telling you what to do? Hussein’s presence on the international scene is a nightmare. If one disobeyed Hussein a firing squad would be the least of his or her worries. Hussein routinely tortures his own people, testing his own weapons on his defenseless citizenry.
Living under Hussein is a constant strife. All personal liberties are restricted and doled out by an unforgiving, tyranical central government. Social freedoms are non-existent. America protects the world from “evil doers,” but it also perpetuates the practice of ambition.
It is not a question of who should control Iraq, it is about doing what’s right for the people of Iraq. Hussein’s reign deserves mention with its historical peers , King George’s control over the American colonies, Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union, but his destructive autonomy is an insult to the modern world. History will look back on the U.S. for doing the world a favor.