This week in Student Government

Karalee Clyne

On the agenda of Quinnipiac University’s Student Government Association (SGA) which met on Wednesday, Jan.31 were various campus related issues.
From students’ complaints about the heating systems in the Complex, not having clocks in the Tator Hall classrooms, limited classes offered as well as not enough sections, to the visible cracks seen in the library’s staircase, the SGA has their hands full in their attempt to meet students’ needs and provide student services.
SGA has proved their effectiveness in the past year on making changes, promoting leadership, and keeping the communications lines open between students and the University.
In the past they have sponsored, promoted, and planned such major school events as the acoustic evening with Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, and made a great night for students to meet MTV’s former Real World cast possible on Saturday, Feb.3.
They continue to represent the Quinnipiac community, and since the start of the fall semester, SGA has fought for a new parking lot, helped arrange for more off-campus use of Q-Cards, sponsored and furthermore maintained their efforts in advocating for the continuation of May Weekend.
“To me, the most important club on campus as well as getting the most done for the school is the SGA,” said freshmen Sal DiGiacomo, who ran for one of the two open freshmen representative positions this past Wednesday.
There is still much to be done as the SGA begins this spring semester. There are residential life issues, new dorm-room key policy issues, and some matters concerning mass communications students and how they feel gypped of their privileges.
Another bit of news discussed at the meeting regards the School of Business. In the School of Business, the editing systems have been removed and replaced with computers. Only students who are currently enrolled in a productions course have access to editing.
Senior Mario Brown commented, “I think it’s great that they updated this equipment. But what good does it do if I don’t have easy access?”