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SGA elections: Candidates make statements

Student Government Association President

Ben Cloutier:
Who has two thumbs and loves the Quinnipiac University student body? This guy. Hi there, my name is Ben Cloutier and for the past year I’ve served as your Student Body President. In the past year SGA has accomplished and dealt with a lot of important things on campus, and with that experience I’m looking forward to continuing on our past success and capitalizing on a bright future. I’ll keep this brief; as you can tell my only opponent is “Abstain”, but there are multiple positions that are contested in this election. Take the time to read through their statements and make an informed decision. Make your voice, and your vote, count. As always, my door is open (Student Center office 202A), or shoot me an email if you ever need anything ([email protected]). Take care, and I look forward to serving your needs for one more year.

Vice President of Finance

Erik Cote:
Hello Bobcats! My name is Erik Cote, for the past year I have served as Student Government’s VP of Finance. I am proud of SGA’s accomplishments thus far, and I am looking forward to continue to challenge this organization to always strive to be better.

These elections are important to every student here at Quinnipiac, and I urge you to consider each candidate’s positions and vote thoughtfully.

Vice President of Programming

Lauren Enea:
Over the past three years, I have made a commitment to the improvement of Student Life at Quinnipiac University.  I have held the Vice President of Programming position for the past year and have had the privilege to participate in the planning, promotion and execution of several major campus events.  These opportunities have taught me the importance of the student voice and how it is necessary to inform and include students in all events.  In order for your voice to be heard, I have created a programming roundtable where all programming organizations have the opportunity to communicate with other campus organizations as well as create relationships for the future.  My goal, if re-elected for the Vice President of Programming, is to expand upon this initiative in order to give all organizations equal programming opportunities and continually integrate fresh ideas.  Furthermore, I would like to enhance programming at Quinnipiac by involving students in event decision making processes as well as serve as a liaison for them.  I believe my leadership abilities and programming experience will allow me to generate increased awareness and enthusiasm within programming and truly unify our campus.

Vice President of Public Relations

Heidi Hitchen:
I’m not just here to be your next Vice President of Public Relations; I’m here to build a relationship between SGA and the student body. I’ve seen myself grow as a member of SGA in the past two years as a class representative and have seen how I can make a difference at this school. My marketing major has allowed me to be creative and learn market research skills. As a part of SGA, I’ve seen how hard work pays off; within my cabinet, I have been able to work as a team to move towards extending the hours of the Rocky Top Student Center and as a part of the general board I was able to help set a campaign in place to encourage students to respect the campus. I was also lucky to be a delegate for a conference on SGA this year for QU where I was able to realize what I want to leave behind here. I want students to be informed of what’s happening on this campus and to be proud of what we have here. My mission is to use communication more than campaigns, and to foster our sense of tradition. Live the legend!

Ryan Scanlon:
“What is SGA?” Since being a student at Quinnipiac University, I have listened to this question many times and have heard quiet responses from the majority of the student body. My name is Ryan Scanlon and Bobcats, I am going to change this. I want to be able to walk down Bobcat Way and ask the students if they know what SGA stands for and what we have accomplished recently. Ultimately, I plan on achieving three goals in office. First, I am going to set a successful platform for the communication between the Student Government Association, the student body, organizations across campus, and the administration. Second, I will represent and acknowledge SGA in every positive and influential way through various forms of media in order to promote initiatives, events, news, and much more! And lastly, I will successfully maintain the current duties of the position as well as expand my role to reach higher goals. I promise to deliver these objectives by applying the leadership skills from my past positions on SGA, in Sigma Phi Epsilon, and as an Orientation Leader. Bobcats- take the next step and vote RYAN SCANLON for YOUR Vice President of Public Relations!

Vice President of Student Concerns

Evan Milas:
As students we are always reminded that college will be the best four years of our lives. However, we encounter many issues throughout our collegiate experience that can hinder our abilities to enjoy our time at Quinnipiac to the fullest. The position of VP of Student Concerns is designed to address these issues and improve all areas of student life that raise concerns for the student body. My two years in Student Government have prepared me as the best candidate for VP of Student Concerns. As a freshman I served as Vice President, helping lead a class cabinet of ten elected members. This year I have committed to the Student Awareness Committee, where I worked closely with the current VP of Student Concerns on all aspects of student life. I have chaired discussions with Security over student and security interactions, I have initiated the restoration of the complex basketball court, I have worked on implementing more grills around campus, and I have proposed the introduction of Campus Rock that organizations can paint and make their own. Most importantly I am personable, pretty funny, and would be humbled to serve you as the next VP of Student Concerns. #VOTE MILAS

Theo Siggleakis:
I believe in real change. Everyone always wants to exemplify that change is occurring but is change really impactful? The main thing I want to change is the culture of SGA G-Board meetings. G-board meetings are open to the public, yet rarely does the public attend. I want to create a system with weekly-publicized open forum topics, which will motivate students to come to G-Board meetings and feel welcome to speak their mind. I believe only with better connections to the student body will SGA be able to make more impactful change. In the last year as an SGA member I have got Red Boxes (a knockoff brand) for both York Hill and Mount Carmel, I have got the Café Illy open 45 minutes later during the week, and even got the rat to be opened till 1am for the last two weeks of finals for the spring semester. These changes are all minuscule in the big picture. I want impactful change. If you elect me for VP of Student Concerns, I will not promise that I have an agenda I will fill, but rather I promise to make sure that student government works on impactful change.

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