Carolina man fired for patches on uniform

Katie Koproski

A man in North Carolina is making an appeal after being fired for placing a patch on his uniform.
Bobby Hayes, a corrections officer at the Randolph Correctional Center in Asheboro, N.C., lost his job after he refused to remove United States and North Carolina flag patches from his uniform.
Hayes failed to comply with the order because he believed it should not have been given to him in the first place.
Superintendent of the correctional center, Clinton Holt, chose not to comment on this particular issue, but did say that a new policy on appearance was put into action for the department several weeks ago.
The uniform is intended for everyone to look the same, and because Hayes works for the state, he is expected to follow the rules, said Holt.
Officials believe Hayes should have asked someone in command if he could sew the patches on the uniform before doing so. Officials said the flag is not the issue, but what is at stake is if one does something, others will think they can do it too.