QU draws Liz Hurley back

Have you ever wondered who it was that read your college application? Would you like to thank them for accepting you to Quinnipiac University?
Well now you can. That person was probably Liz Hurley, Assistant Director of Admissions.
Originally from Worchester, Mass., 24-year-old Hurley graduated from Quinnipiac with degrees in History and English.
“I originally wanted to be a teacher until my senior year when I worked at another college in higher education administration,” Hurley said.
When she heard that Quinnipiac was hiring, she signed on right away.
“I knew the school very well, and I had a great experience here, so I was excited when I heard they were hiring,” said Hurley in her usual upbeat voice.
Hurley has worked in the Admissions office for three years now. She manages to juggle visiting many places, recruiting, and interviewing students in Massachusetts, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and even Puerto Rico.
“We will actually have a student coming from Puerto Rico next year,” said Hurley.
Hurley is also in charge of overnight stay and day visits as well as interviewing prospective students and reviewing applications. This year alone, there have been over 100 overnight visits, and most students have had a positive response to the overnights.
“Her best quality is that she is good with prospective students and students that work in the admissions office,” said Sherika Hall about working with Hurley. “She is young, so she relates well with our problems, and student relations is very important in her line of work.”
The online chat is also part of Hurley’s job description. Every Tuesday night from 4 to 6 p.m. she answers questions that prospective students may have.