Quinnipiac basketball player scores big after graduation

Ahmad Allahgholi, often called “Achii” by his American friends, graduated from Quinnipiac last year.
Born and raised in Switzerland, Allahgholi came to the United States in 1998 to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Computer Science, which he accomplished in three years here at Quinnipiac.
“I think it’s very important to go to school in the US,” he said. “I learned a lot.”
After graduating, Allahgholi got a job with IBM back in Europe, and he also plays semi-pro basketball for BCArlesheim.
He said the education he got here at Quinnipiac definitely helped him to get the job he has at home.
Allahgholi has played basketball for many years, and he played for Quinnipiac on a full scholarship.
“I had to relearn the game over to adapt to the American way of playing,” he said. “The coach was great. Sometimes he was too tough, but in the long run it helps.”
Allahgholi said that he likes the United States, but that he will always feel like a visitor here.
“I miss Dunkin’ Donuts,” he said, and pointed out that it was especially the glazed donuts he has a craving for. “I always miss the close friendships with people I met through the school.”
Something he does not miss is all the bureaucracy.
At the end of January this year, Allahgholi came back to visit his friends at Quinnipiac.
“Now is the first time coming back,” he said. “It feels good to see the people and to be on campus and just hang out, not having to do anything.”
For the future, Allahgholi wants to come back to the United States and get his Master’s Degree. His dream job is International Consulting.
“It combines all the skills and knowledge and the things I like to do,” he said.
His name, Ahmad Allahgholi, is not Swiss like he is.
“My father is from Iran,” he explained, and said that his mother is half Swiss and half Austrian.