Ruby Tuesday’s two thumbs up

Jenn Bartlett

Do not kid yourself into thinking the Quinnipiac cafeteria has a wide range of salad accessories. Stop being in denial about those “wonderful” slices of bland pizza. Transgress beyond ordinary ‘college food’ by going to Ruby Tuesday’s. Be cured of your simple taste-bud blues.
Next time you are thinking about going to a bar, stop at Ruby Tuesday’s. Not only does it have what you would call a ‘normal’ bar, but a ‘serious’ one too. Their salad bar is only $1.99 when added to a meal, and it offers everything essential to create your own salad of perfection.
It includes all the original necessities, complete with raisins, Chinese noodles, pieces of ham and bacon bits, and of course, only the best tasting dressing.
Even if you are not the salad type, this bar is still for you. German Potato salad, pudding and a wide range of fruit are also available.
The meals are just as satisfying. The Three Cheese Burger, complete with Swiss, Monterey Jack and Cheddar, serves you a good amount of beef.
The Church Street Chicken is a chicken sandwich between rice, mixed with broccoli and bacon, and mushroom on top.
They even have a huge baked potato, which you can add anything you want to.
The Sonara Chicken Pasta was the meal of the night. Creative in its mixture of spices while being served with penne pasta, salsa and grilled chicken, it transcended so-so reactions with oh-so-good.
In other words, you can feel the spices in your body before they even reach your stomach.
Free beverage refills are available and the actual restaurant was very fresh. The salad bar must have been cleared to replace everything with fresh food at least ten times in the 45 minutes I was there.
The service was very good, with friendly servers who actually remembered your order and your existence (we actually got to take advantage of the free refill policy this time around).
Ruby Tuesday’s offer so many options in one place. Eating cannot get any better.