Hot air blasts through campus community

Marina McGowan

It is not even summer yet and we have already felt the record-breaking heat.
While normal temperatures for mid-April are around sixty degrees, this heat wave wandered straight from summer.
Temperatures managed to soar to an unseasonable ninety degrees with many students finding it difficult to resist the sunny skies.
With their tank tops, shorts and an occasional bathing suit, students gathered in the quad to enjoy the beautiful weather. The hot spell rocketed allowing students time to go outside, whether it was just to bask in the sun or study.
The hot air lasted until the end of the week, before being followed by a cold front and more seasonable temperatures.
According to The Weather Channel for Hamden, Conn., the record high for April was 93?F in 1990, as compared to May’s record high being 95?F in 1996.