Pizza and pop princesses for peace

There are always so many notable events happening in the world, but since this publication runs a week late, I have decided to write about more timeless things. Pizza and pop princesses are some of these.
The Daily News reports that Britney Spears, Mandy Moore and Christina Aguilera all danced to “Lady Marmalade” in a club in L.A. If these women can get along, anyone can.
Furthermore, in light of the recent Justin and Britney breakup, I have decided to try out for the staff of any teen female magazine as the male correspondent of the stars.
This way, I will be granted an interview with Britney.
My girlfriend says she understands my intentions, and does not anticipate any problems.
I also like pizza. Vincenzo Carannante, a senior international business major, is the manager of Villa Pizza in Hamden while maintaining an “A” average.
Villa Pizza is ranked number 26 on the national pizza establishment charts, with Pizza Hut topping the list. On a local scale, however, Villa Pizza comes out on top.
His family’s Hamden restaurant has been open for only five months, but in a local “pizza-off,” Villa Pizza won the title of best pizza in Hamden. It was a significant victory because of the many pizza restaurants in the area.
“Winning ‘Best pizza in Hamden’ meant a lot to us because the bragging rights mean so much. We take great pride in our pizza and we are glad that people are responding well,” said Carannante.
Carannante fits the part of pizza man well with his Italian features. He is 5 foot 6 inches and has dark hair, olive skin, and dark eyes.
When the previous establishment, which was located on Whitney Avenue, went out of business Carannante acted quickly. He knew the location was great and that the nearby university would provide a lot of business.
“It didn’t take a genius,” said Carannante. “The school is right down the road, and there is a bar in walking distance. I would have been a fool not to notice.”
Carannante puts in many hours a week at the restaurant, which could easily interfere with his schoolwork. Carannante is a diligent worker, however, and manages to both run the business and get good grades.
He has his laptop on one of the tables in the dining area, and in between serving customers, he studies. Customers enter so frequently that he may only jot down one sentence for a term paper, but somehow he gets his work done.
He has classes at eight every morning, and does not get home until midnight.
The rough schedule will not last much longer. Carannante is graduating in May. He said that although he does not know for sure what he will do after he graduates, he always has the family business to tend to.
One sure thing that Carannante thinks the future will hold for him and his family is the continued success of Villa Pizza.
“I have gained somewhere around 10 to 15 pounds since we opened. Now, if that is not a testament to how good our pizza is, I don’t know what is. My stomach is our billboard. It is our advertisement,” he said.