Vermont offers no snow during break

Kristen Daley

Spring Break in Cancun? Daytona Beach? Come on, rough it up a little!
A somewhat less visited spring break spot is Vermont. The few, the proud and the gutsy make their way there each year, mainly for skiing and snowboarding.
One of the most popular spots for college students, freshly burnt out after midterms, is Mount Snow. With quickly warming temperatures and more sunshine than usual, Mount Snow was successful this March in providing smooth trails for the winter sports. Those looking for nature-made snow, however, did not get to see too much of it.
Following Route 100 away from the mountain was a reality check. The white snow disappeared, and the coming of spring weather was evident not just in the temperature, but in the ice melting into the large stream alongside the road.
While it was not the same as waves gently rolling on the Caribbean shore, the scene was likely enough to give a stressed student some peace.
The bar and club scene in Vermont is more tame than that found on cruises and exotic beachside hotels, but it does exist.
Mount Snow played host to students at the Snow Barn, a decently sized bar with a surprisingly modern look. A second floor balcony was reminiscent of the insanity of New Orlean’s Bourbon Street, and the similarities to New Orleans continued as beads and free drink coupons were given out.
Vermont nightlife may be a bit of a culture shock to those used to the rock sounds of Toad’s Place or popular music found at other Connecticut clubs. One of the main acts at The Snow Barn during Quinnipiac’s spring break was a band performing an unusual mix of jazz and country. That night, visitors got to see just what a musician could do with a mandolin.
Shopping in the area around Mount Snow is scarce. However, a half-hour trip to nearby Manchester brings the tourist to extreme outlet shopping. The college student’s best friends, J. Crew, Tommy Hillfiger and Ralph Lauren, provide a little break from nature and a jump back to materialism.
With four years to experiment with, it may not be a bad idea to spend a spring break on or near the slopes of New England, leaving you with enough money to spend in Puerto Rico the following year.