Quinnipiac’s Theater Workskop performs “A Series of Shorts”


The mixture of nervousness and excitement filled the air in Buckman Theatre. Parents with younger siblings on their laps flicked through the small programs, waiting for their son or daughter to appear. Coughs, smiles and snickers invaded the desired silence.
Finally, the music and all of the lights went out except for one lone lamp on the stage that highlighted the face of the first actor.
“A Series of Shorts,” a collection of one-act plays, was performed by the Theatre Workshop starting Thurs., March 21, and ending Sat., March 23.
The plays were written by individual students and directed, casted and performed by members of the Theatre Workshop.
The one-acts were voted on and selected from submissions of a play-writing class here at Quinnipiac. Ten were submitted, but a committee headed by President L.J. Atieh chose three.
This was the first year in a long time that the Theatre Workshop decided to bring back the production of one-act plays.
When the organization first began, one act plays were a very common production and Theatre Workshop’s decision to perform them again was in an effort to increase drama and theatre awareness on the Quinnipiac campus.
The organization felt the need to let people know that there was more to the Theatre Workshop than just the university production. It was a way of including those students who could not commit to the bigger production.
“A Series of Shorts” took many rehearsals and meetings to put together and a lot of hard work too. There were many elements- lighting, sets, memorizing lines, and most importantly working together.
“We’re all good friends and that’s the best thing about it,” said Atieh. “I enjoyed the plays tonight very much and I’m so proud of all the students.
“I’m always amazed at how these one acts come from words in someone’s head, to words on a page, and finally, they become words on a stage,” Atieh continued.
Atieh expressed how the organization’s members as a whole felt that more people would get involved in theatre on this campus, but for the lack of a real drama major, the enthusiasm is lacking too.
The Theatre Workshop has made many new changes this year in attempts to make themselves and theatre more prominent on the campus. They hope to even influence the decision to make a drama major here at Quinnipiac University.
“A Series of Shorts” was just a small part of the entire effort. On April 12, 13 and 14, the Theatre Workshop plans on having another production called “Suburbia.”
Atieh stated that their advisor, Dr. Crystal Brian has been such an inspiration to the organization and its many improvements this year
“Her energy for theatre and enthusiasm to make this program work makes myself and all the members just want to get out there and do more,” said Atieh.
For more information on the Theater Workshop contact x 8339.