A new computer-technology club makes its way onto campus

The members of the new Quinnipiac Computer and Technology Society, known as QCATS, are looking to offer “beyond the classroom” experience with computers, according to QCATS chair Greg Scarola.
QCATS is open to any student who is interested in learning more about computers. They will be exploring subjects such as A+ certification, video game development, web page design and hosting.
The club has members who will meet to discuss, play and possibly design their own video games.
In the future they are hoping to arrange a field trip to the Manhattan offices of the designers of Grand Theft Auto 3.
QCATS already has a student-run server on campus, and they will be designing and hosting their own pages and pages for other clubs. They also hope to provide live streaming of WQAQ broadcasts.
QCATS Chair Greg Scarola is a senior majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in digital design.
The idea of the club was originally proposed to Scarola and other students by Professor Blake. Blake left it to students to finalize the idea.
Scarola and his friends decided to create the club because they wanted to give students practical experiences.
“You can only learn so much in the classroom,” Scarola said.
Scarola wants to help other students with technology and skills, and give them something they can use in on their resume to distinguish themselves in the job market.
Next year the Chair postion will be taken up by sophmore co-chair Mark Taylor.
In the future the club hopes to invite guest lecturers to speak on computer and technology related issues.
For more information contact the QCATS chair at [email protected] or faculty advisor Professor Hoffman at 582-8449.