SGA plans fundraisers and continues fight for pennies

Nations go to war to defend honor, boundaries and peace, while Quinnipiac goes to war for pennies.
For the past few weeks the Student Government Association has been sponsoring a fundraiser among the student classes.
This type of fundraiser has been carried out on many college campuses. It puts each class in a race to collect the most pennies.
Students who do not have pennies to contribute can donate silver coins or paper money into the jars. When donating money other than pennies this causes a drop in the total number collected by the face value of the coin or paper.
The class that collected the most pennies before Mar. 8, will defeat the other classes in the Penny War.
Students dropped off their money donations in the collection jars at the SGA booth in Tator Hall outside the bookstore. The Student Government has organized Dorm Storms in which students go around the dormitories knocking on every door to collect any extra coins that never made it into the collection jars.
According to Marina Perdikouris, the newly elected vice-president of public relations, with combined efforts SGA has currently raised over $650 with an estimated total of $700 plus.
If this amount appears to be too low, Sara DeMayo, the vice president of finance, will still accept donations after spring break.
Since the student government has no need for fundraising, the classes are combining efforts to raise money for the Steven Pawlowski and Jessica Gambon Funds.
The purpose of the fund is to raise money for a scholarship in honor of the two students who lost their lives during the school year.
A student currently attending each of the former high schools of these students will receive the scholarship.
Other actions are being taken to support the memory of those members of the Quinnipiac community who have passed away.
The freshmen cabinet has approached the Student Government council in hopes of establishing a fundraiser that would involve the campus community in remembering and honoring lost friends.
The representatives of the Penny War have yet to declare a victor. A total will not be ready until final donations are collected.
For more information on the penny wars, please visit DeMayo in the SGA office, SC 212.