Where is Gary Condit?

Since the tragedy of Sept. 11 we hav not heard much about Gary Condit, the congressman questioned in the disappearance of Chandra Levy.
A woman is still missing though. Gary Condit seems to be the only link. Why isn’t he being investigated more? Sure the police have questioned him, but they have not found anything. Why isn’t it as highly publicized now, though?
Due to Sept. 11 no one has had much interest in the case, but now it is time to start back at it again.
Condit has announced he will be running again. It is a shot to the public.
“I will not let what the media thinks run me out of office. I have not been charged with any crime,” he said.
Sure Gary, you can think that the media is making a criminal out of you, but let’s look at facts. Condit lied to the police. He had an affair with Chandra and we all know it. He, on the other hand, is not denying the affair or confirming it.
The New York Times Magazine reported on Feb. 17 that reporters are harassing and accusing Condit still. He has lost many supporters now whom were once by his side.
Many senators and representatives have taken back their endorsements for him. This makes a statement about whom Condit really is. The people who know him the most are refusing to support him.
Condit states feelings of grieving and that he is the victim of the media to the New York Times Magazine article this past week. Who is the real victim, though?
Chandra Levy is the real victim. The poor girl is missing. We don’t even know if she is dead or alive, although we can presume she is dead.
Condit has no right to feel like a victim of anything. He is in a public office and needs to be public about what his real connection with Chandra is.
Condit needs to feel pressured to come out. He is likely guilty of something involving Chandra’s disappearance. If the police do not question him more because of his position it is the public’s position to start finding answers.
A girl’s family is devastated because they can’t put their daughter to rest. Action needs to be taken.