Hamden offers alternative hot spots

For anyone who is planning to go out this weekend and have a good time, or for anyone who is just looking for a place to hang with your friends after a long day in school, this article will offer some ideas on where to go right here in Hamden.
Keep in mind, that all these places are 21 and over after a certain time at night, and especially for those planning to drink.
If you don’t want to venture into the streets of New Haven, these bars and grills can offer entertainment, food and great specials throghout the week.
Side Street is located at 15 Dickerman Street in Hamden, right next to the ramp by route 40.
Side Street offers a lot of entertainment on the weekend, and bands are usually playing on Saturday nights.
Since Side Street is a bar and grill, there’s always the opportunity to grab a bite to eat, should hunger arise while hanging out in the bar.
In 1996 and in 1997, Side Street received several awards for being the best neighborhood bar, having the best ribs and the best Buffalo wings.
Parking is available in the back of the bar and grill, but taking a taxi from Side Street back to Quinnipiac only costs around $5.
Tavern is located just around the corner from Side Street, right on Whitney Avenue (3000 Whitney Ave). Tavern is a small place which offers an intimate setting.
Aunt Chilada’s is a Mexican bar and restaurant located on 3931 Whitney Avenue, right next to the Sleeping Giant Golf Course.
Monday through Friday, Aunt Chilada’s offers half price on appetizers, and on Thursday and Friday there is a free buffet to enjoy.
Other specials are offered throughout the week, for example Taco Tuesdays and deejay Wednesdays. The food varies from nachos to Shrimp Amarillo, and the prices vary accordingly.
Olive is the more posh place to go on Whitney Ave. This place offers a chance to relax in velvet couches and listen to the techno/house mix played over the speakers.
With its three floors, this bar is still pretty small, and it is usually very crowded on weekends.
One plus is their outdoor setting in the summer time.
Eli’s On Whitney is as the name suggests, located on 2392 Whitney Avenue. Eli’s is the average next-door pub with a friendly atmosphere. Eli’s offers food as well and is a popular place for students looking to just hang out.