Vindigni represents motivation and dedication

If you ever were to ask Stephen Vindigni what his role was here at Quinnipiac, he would most definitely say that he was the Vice President of Programming, but might also add, getting rid of the technical terms, “I’m the guy behind the scenes.”
Whether you know Vindigni or not, his time and effort is seen on a day-to-day basis. As part of the student government, he has worked his way to his present position, beginning as a member of the programming board during his freshman year.
Now, as a senior, Vindigni has a busy schedule. Not only is he doing his job as vice president, he is also part of the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA).
Even though his schedule might be full of meetings and conferences, Vindigni, along with the rest of the SGA, knows what concerns to keep at the top of the list.
“We are going to do what is best for the student body,” he said.
As the vice president of programming, Vindigni deals with all the programs. For example, he is the man behind the May Weekend events.
“I have chairs underneath me, which I help set up, and we all work together to make sure that everything is set to go,” he said. “This requires many phone calls and making sure that reservations are made.”
Vindigni talked about May Weekend and said that it is in fact very different every year.
May Weekend has to deal with both the factors of what Quinnipiac will allow, but also what will be of interest to the students.
Last year, May Weekend was almmost canceled after a drunken student was seriously injured after a fall from a balcony. The Student Government fought the school for the reinstatement of May Weekend.
Here is where Vindigni comes in.
“There are many challenges involved,” said Vindigni. “But for every setback there is a challenge to be more creative.”
Vindigni said this year Wyclef is going to be the big act for May Weekend, and then there will be many different novelties on both the Friday and the Saturday.
“There will be many things to look forward to, and I have no doubt that this May Weekend will be fun and successful,” he said.
With much of the responsibility on Vindigni’s shoulders, meeting deadlines and making sure that everything runs smoothly is a balancing act within itself. He seems confident, and he realizes the importance of time.
“Sometimes I have to be more patient,” he said. “Things take time.”
Vindigni is a microbiology/biotechnology major, and he says he’s had a good experience at Quinnipiac.
“It’s really what you put into it,” he said.
Inspired by both his parents, who have always shown him dedication and taught him to be passionate, and the Student Center staff, who helped him develop as a leader, Vindigni is getting ready to take the next step in his life, and said he feels confident with what he has done.
With graduation approaching, Vindigni is preparing to go on to law school.
Although he has not yet made his final decision on where, he will surely bring his motivation and leadership qualities with him on the road ahead.