Internet sites offer opportunity to search for jobs and post resumes

Keri Zodda Staff Writer

Modern technology has proven itself by making the everyday lives of the average person a little easier.
Put another one up on the board for the Internet, because it is now even making the job search as simple as pointing and clicking.
No more getting dressed up and hauling an expensively photocopied resume all over town looking for the perfect job. Instead, there are many web sites available for a job search online.
One of the more popular web sites is This site can be reached from any search engine, whether it be America Online or Yahoo.
On this page, the viewer will find an option to begin the search right away or an option for first time viewers to get an inside look into what is all about.
On the “first-time viewers page” there is a pie graph divided up into three sections to show the three different functions that can serve.
The first section is labeled Search Jobs. In this section the viewer can search through hundreds of thousands of jobs to find the one that suits them the best.
When the viewers clicks on this section of the pie graph it takes them directly to the search.
The search will ask the viewer for a location and the kind of profession they are looking to find a job in. will then search through its database of 800,000 jobs.
A result page with appear, and the searched can be narrowed by profession.
Underneath the search bar is a list of jobs suited to the information that was given by the viewer. It shows what kind of job it is, where the job is located , and what company the job is for.
If the user goes back to the pie graph on the “first time users page” they will see the second piece of the pie which is called My Monster.
In this section the viewer can post their resume on the Internet and have job opportunities delivered to them via email. The web site gives tips on getting started and posting a resume.
The process will take at least 15 minutes, depending on how extensive your resume is.
You will enter each section of your resume on a separate screen and save what you have entered clicking “save.”
Using the resume builder to post your resume allows employers to find your information easily with a more targeted search.
If the viewer would like to use information from an existing resume for the Resume Builder, they can simply cut and paste portions of the existing resume into the appropriate Resume Builder section.
To allow employers to access the resume, the viewer must activate it on the Finishing Up screen of the resume builder, or at any time in the Resumes section of My Monster.
At any time, the viewer can exit the resume builder and come back at a later time to finish it.
The last part of the pie on the first time viewers page is’s Career Center. Here the viewer can get career advice from the experts and even join in community discussions about job-hunting.
As the page loads, there are again different categories to choose from. The categories are Industries and Professions, Career Level, Non-permanent employment, and Special Interest.
There are other sites similar to Monster such as and
The job searching sites will ask for similar information, such as the location and what kind of job the searcher is looking for.
Not only do these sites help desperate job hunters find a job to apply for, but they also help the viewer with what to do once the job is found.
Many of these sites offer advice on resumes, interviews, and career fair information.
Environmental jobs can be found at For jobs overseas http://www.overseasjobs. com/ could probe helpful and other miscellaneous jobs can be found at

The Career Services Office, x8679, right here at Quinnipiac can offer help with finding a job online.
Michael T. Clear, the Assistant Director of Career Services, also gives a workshop on how to find a job online.