Alpha Phi Omega holds rush weeks

Eric Jackson - Staff Writer

Leaderhsip, friendship and service: three principles that Alpha Phi Omega,the national service fraternity on campus, was founded on.
Rushees to Quinnipiac’s Nu Alpha chapter met on Feb. 15 in the game room of the Carl Hansen Student Center to attend a welcoming ceremony, according to the organization’s president, junior Trixy Palencia.
Palencia said that this year’s rushees were able to take advantage of the first-ever two-week rush.
She said that this decision was made because the rush events are not mandatory and it is understood that some students might not be able to attend every event.
She also said that the rush organizers made sure to spread the events out through the two weeks.
Interested students are still able to pledge for one more week, according to Palenica.
She said that pledges then begin a seven to ten week new member education program.
Palencia said, “We feel that after two weeks it will be difficult for an interested member to catch up with the pledge requirements.”
Palencia said that two service projects are done every week and at least four fellowships are done per month.
In February, she said that the chapter will be working with a $500 national grant that was given to them to work with children.
They have decided to help the New Haven 4 C’s program, which is a program for youth in situations of domestic abuse in Connecticut’s Elm City.
She said the money will be used to improve the children’s play room area and to purchase new toys and books, two staples of a child’s upbringing.
A Twister competition will take place next month against other campus organizations, according to Palencia.
Registration will be $25 and the winner will be able to donate 50 percent of the amount raised from registration fees to a charity of their choice.
The other 50 percent of the registration fee profit will be donated to a charity of the chapter’s choice.
Palencia said that many more events will take place throughout the semester.
She encourages students to look for signs in the cafeteria advertising upcoming events.
“Alpha Phi Omega doesn’t choose you. You choose them,” said Palencia.
Alpha Phi Omega’s commitment to the betterment of society is what helped her decide to join the organization as a freshman.
“Another thing I love about APO is the involvement it has with the country, campus, community, and with each other,” she said.
Chapter meetings of Alpha Phi Omega are held Sundays at 8 p.m. in the School of Business in Room 121.

Interested students are therefore encouraged to contact Palencia at extention 7180 or to visit the Alpha Phi Omega office in the student center if they have any questions.