Guys say gifts should be from the heart and have meaning

Keri Zodda Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.
Heart shaped candy is popping up everywhere and the flowers that used to cost $19.99 will mysteriously become $49.99.
The girls will start clearing a spot on their desks for the roses they are hoping to receive while guys wonder who the maniac was that started this holiday. Since what seems to be the beginning of time, Valentine’s Day has been mostly about women.
Imagine that the tables were turned. What if Valentine’s Day was suddenly a made for men holiday? What kind of expectations would guys have of this special day?
The boys of Larson 200 were happy to answer this question. Craig Kelly, a sophomore at Quinnipiac, loved the idea of Valentine’s Day being about the guys.
“It shouldn’t always be that the guys do everything,” said Kelly. “It honestly is a lot of pressure.”
Kelly, who has a girlfriend of two years, had to take a minute to think of what he would expect out of Valentine’s Day.
“I am not used to even thinking about Valentine’s Day as a day where I might get anything because it has always been a girls holiday,” said Kelly.
After a while, Kelly finally came up with Valentine’s Day wishes.
“The day itself should be like any other day, because you should always be happy with each other,” he said. “Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be an excuse to be happy with each other.”
Sophomore Mike Blumenthal had no trouble thinking of what he would want Valentine’s Day to be like for him.
“I would love to get breakfast in bed and then spend the entire day together,” he said.
Unlike the other guys, sophomore Justin Galui had happy memories of Valentine’s Day.
“When I was younger my mom used to get me candy hearts,” said Galui.
Galui said he would be thrilled to be noticed on Valentine’s Day and that he would like the day to be unique in some way.
Not every guy is interested in breakfast in bed or a day of quality time. Some guys would be happy if the day consisted of just one thing. When asked what he would want out of Valentine’s Day, sophomore Benjamin Black simply replied “Lot’s of lovin’.”
As far as a gift, all the boys were in agreement.
“I would want something that a girl made for me instead of something bought,” said Blumenthal.
Kelly and Galui agreed that the gift should be something personal and that it is truly the thought that counts.
“She doesn’t have to spend any money, just time,” said Blumenthal.
Galui agreed.
“It’s all about the love and giving it to anyone who needs it.”