English Club eager to start spring semester

The English Club at Quinnipiac has kicked off the semester with plans for the coming months.
Club President Kristie Sobeck, a senior English major/biology minor, said that this semester’s plans include visiting the Hospital of St. Francis.
Members will play bingo, among other activities, with the patients. The main purpose of this event is to “really get out into the community,” said Sobeck.
“Literacy for Lunch” is another activity that the club will participate in. The event is held at Monroe Elementary School.
The club members visit the school once a month to read some of their favorite books to fourth graders. The students, in turn, read books to the club members.
The club will sponsor the 4th Annual Student Poetry Reading in April.
Faculty advisor and Assistant Professor of English Patricia Comitini, Ph.D., said that students bring in poetry and short stories to share.
Members of the English Club can benefit from the services that are offered.
Professor Comitini offers individual advising on graduate school options, including law school and the Master of Arts in Teaching Program. In addition, Assistant Director of Career Development Susan Hyde-Wick speaks to the club about career options.
The English Club has been at Quinnipiac for four years, according to Professor Comitini.
The objective of the club is “to bring students together who are interested in literature, plays, music and film,” said Comitini. “I envision the group as a social club for students with similar interests. New members are always welcome!”
The club is looking “to make a cohesive unit with the English department and really promote the English major,” said Sobeck.
Anyone can join the organization, regardless of their major.
The next meeting of the English Club will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 12, at 6 p.m. in Buckman Center Room 129.