Phi Sigma Sigma to attend Greek Forum

Marisa Koraus

On Feb. 1, at 5 p.m., the sisters of Phi Sigma Sigma will attend the Greek Forum in Alumni Hall.
This event will allow an opportunity for the campus community to see what the sorority is all about.
For example, Phi Sigma Sigma participates in philanthropic events such as the “Rock-a-thon,” an event in which the sisters rock in rocking chairs for a night. This activity takes place in support of the National Kidney Foundation. Also, the sorority is involved with various community service activities, specifically in association with CAP, Quinnipiac’s community service organization.
Other elements of the organization include, “sisterhood events” which consist of going to the movies, going out to dinner, or just simply spending quality time together.
“What makes Phi Sigma Sigma unique is that you pick the sorority that fits you. You choose us. So, in a way, you are expressing your personality through us and that’s what sets us apart from other organizations on campus,” said Betsy Cobb, public relations chairperson.
Currently, the sorority’s main focus is recruiting new members.
“The more diverse the group becomes, the more we can get accomplished.”