Pep Band boosts campus spirit

Marisa Koraus

The athletes are exhausted and the game seems to be never ending. Yet, beyond the beads of sweat and the relentless approaches of the opposing team, comes uplifting music that is filled with vivacity and volume. It is the kind of music that gives hope to the fans and energy to the team members. It is the music of the Quinnipiac University Pep Band.
The Pep Band, currently made up of 33 members, began when the university’s athletics became Division I. With the aid of students, Jack McDonald, head of Quinnipiac’s athletics, created the band to motivate and inspire campus athletes to attain more victories.
“I’ve been in the Pep Band for four years. It’s a group that gives encouragement to athletic teams. The crowds like us too,” said tenor saxophone player, John Hirbour.
Along with participating at campus sporting events such as Men’s and Women’s Hockey and Basketball games, the Pep Band also performs at the Quinnipiac tree lighting ceremony and Midnight Madness.
The pop music that is performed includes songs such as “Can’t Turn You Loose,” “Louie Louie,” and “YMCA.”
“We bring school spirit, both on and off the court,” said Shawn Sherry, president and alto saxophone player in the ensemble.
Recently, the Pep Band welcomed Lauren Belucci to be its new director.
“Since I have had experience working with bands in college, I thought I could share the experiences that I had at Dartmouth with students at Quinnipiac,” said Belucci.
With new direction and 16 new members, the Pep Band will be working to incorporate new cheers, signs, music, and members into its performances. The ensemble is also aiming to attend both away games and outreach activities with local high school bands.
The Pep Band is looking for new members and it is open to anyone who wants to participate. Saxophone players are especially needed. No auditions are necessary.
Rehearsals take place on Tuesday nights at 8:30 p.m. in the Athletic Center in Studio B.
For more information, contact [email protected]