Holiday-celebration-Barbie or X-box?

This holiday season is chock full of gadgets and gizmos, electronics and microchips. From new video gaming systems and DVD players to cameras and vibrating foot spas, you are going to have to make sure batteries aren’t sold separately.
Between finals, papers and packing for winter break it is also a wonder how students away at college find time to check their list twice. To help alleviate some pre-shopping worries, here are some gadget gift ideas.
No matter who is on your list this year, there is always something that is new and popular. Since the introduction of the DVD player last Christmas, prices have already fallen on this ever-so-popular VCR enemy.
There are some good deals on DVD players for everyone on your list, whether it is for your dad or girlfriend. For example, the Apex DVD player with MP3 compatibility is only $79.99 at stores like Circuit City.
It is amazing how popular they MP3s have become. Now there are actual MP3 players at Best Buy that range in price at about $99.00. These tiny headsets are the new wave version of the old-school Walkman. Although the MP3 players can be for anyone, they might be the best bet for the generation X friends or the “I feel young again” parents back at home.
With computers becoming more a part of our lives each day, why not involve grandparents in the Microsoft culture that many are living in?
There are small, inexpensive email stations on the market that make great gifts for grandmothers or grandfathers so they can communicate via the Internet and send their grandchildren sweet hellos to cheer them up during their cramming sessions.
Cidco offers their Mailstation for $49.00, which can be found in Target stores all over the country.
Everyone loves video games and almost every Christmas season there is a new system on the market.
This year people all over the world have been anticipating Microsoft’s X Box and Nintendo’s new Game Cube. Both of these latest things in this entertainment category can be found almost anywhere for about the same price: $250.
However, it might not be possilbe to get one this close to Christmas. Some people have been on waiting lists for several months already!
The top games this holiday season are “Final Fantasy X,” “James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire,” “Grand Theft Auto III,” “Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3,” and “NBA Live 2002,” whichcan be found at most toy stores.
There are even some interactive electronics for a younger sister or brother.
Leapfrog introduced a new line of learning products, like their different Leap Pad learning systems for different reading levels. These educational toys can be fun for children and their ability to hook up to the Internet can allow downloads of more interactive stories and games for hours of more fun for the little ones. For only $55 dollars, children can have fun learning to read at different stages.
If one is on a tight budget this holiday season there are still some wonderful gifts on the shopping scene.
Since the 1950’s when she was first introduce, Barbie is still a favorite in the hearts of many little girls. Coming out with something new everyday, the people of Mattel are giving Barbie new things for Christmas.
Besides the 2001 Holiday Celebration Barbie doll, young doll lovers will love the new Barbie Grand Hotel, Barbie Talk with me Cordless Answering Machine, and the Barbie Airplane.
All of these doll sets are a good bet for the collector or the little imagination.
Other popular toys this season are Ekara Karaoke and the Pox Electronic Game. The Ekara Karaoke is a hand held microphone that plugs into your television, costing only about $50. The Pox Electronic Game is a wireless gaming system allowing for challenging other players, that costs only $24.00 and comes in many colors.
For the women on your list, beauty is always a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays. The HoMedics Bubble Bath Mat Massager is available for only about $49 fits easily in the average size bathtub, and creates thousands of air bubbles while you are taking your bath.
There are some local massage spas in the area that offer gift certificates for someone who deserves a professional massage this holday season.
Sandra’s Day Spa right here in Hamden offer therapeutic massages and skin treatments with all the essential vitamins, perfect for relaxation after the stressful holiday season.
No matter who is on the list this year, there is no need to worry. Just relax, take it slow and maybe use some of these gift ideas, and holiday shopping will easily be done before one can say goodbye to the dorms and head home for winter break.
And remember, if there is someone you forgot- pick something up in the QU bookstore!