WRECK of the week: Chris Brown’s testy tweets

Hannah Alegbeleye

Another day, another Chris Brown Twitter rant. Once again, “Chris Breezy” has found himself battling another celebrity over his past transgressions with Robyn Fenty, or Rihanna. Brown’s latest critic is World Wrestling Entertainment’s C.M. Punk.

While Chris Brown’s actions were deplorable, there is no reason why we the public should care more about it than the parties involved. After the two recently partnered up to release remixes to two of their songs, it is clear that Rihanna has forgiven Brown and moved on.

Breezy, however, is failing to realize that many people are not going to forgive him for putting his hands on a woman — no matter how many times he apologizes, donates to charity or gives a stellar awards show performance. In the immortal words of rap artist 50 Cent, “And if they hate, then let them hate and watch the money pile up.”

In Brown’s case, actions speak louder than words. Brown needs to focus more on staying on the right side of the law rather than to responding to every heckler on Twitter. And if he’s going to respond, his responses need to be tweets he doesn’t have to delete seconds later. Man up, Breezy.