The Psychology Club encourages new student members

Kristen Daley

Quinnipiac’s Psychology Club is up and running. The club was originally started in the 1970’s and has evolved over the years.
The club is currently being ran by Faculty advisor, Carrie Bulger, and President Raychel Garskof Lieberman.
The Psychology Club is an active organization that holds meetings, information sessions, and organizational fundraisers.
“It’s a great organization that gives students the opportunity to meet others with the same interests,” said Lieberman. “It’s a fun and informative at the same time.”
Part of the goal of the club is to help undergraduates get into graduate school by providing information sessions with tips and facts on how to do so.
“I think these information sessions are really helpful to students and helps give them some direction,” said Bulger.
The Psychology Club is open to everyone, both psychology majors and non-majors who have an interest in the field.