5 best college apps

There are many smartphone applications out there. Here are five of the best college apps for smartphone users. Best of all, they are all free.

1.) CardStar: For frequent shoppers, CardStar is a must! This app allows users to scan all of their favorite rewards and discount cards for local stores and businesses into their smartphones — that way you’ll never have to carry around all those bulky cards in your wallet or purse ever again.“I personally love this app because I leave my Stop & Shop card at home with my parents who earn gas points for me to use every time they go out grocery shopping,” junior Emily Riddlesworth said. — H. Alegbeleye

2.) GasBuddy: As college students we have many other things we would love to spend our money on besides expensive gas. GasBuddy is an app that lets you locate all of the local gas stations in your area, no matter where you are. The GPS locates you and identifies the nearest gas stations within a certain radius. You can sort them by cheapest price or shortest distance, then take your pick. This app is especially helpful to find the lowest prices in Hamden. — H. Alegbeleye

3.) Password Lock Lite: From MyQ and email to Facebook and Twitter, remembering multiple passwords can be overwhelming, especially in our collegiate careers. If you feel like you have too many passwords, you need Password Lock Lite. This app stores all of those important passwords in one place, in case you should forget. – H. Alegbeleye

4.) Lemon: For those who want to stop spending in denial, there’s an app called Lemon. Scan pictures of your receipts with the camera on your phone, and the app stores all the information for you. After you purchase a few items using the app, you can see a graph of how much you are spending and what you are spending it on. You might be surprised to see how much you spend on food and groceries. Plus, if you’re an online shopper, you can send your email receipts to your Lemon account, and those purchases get included in the graph too. -M. Snow

5.) Fooducate: The next best thing to grocery shopping with a dietitian is grocery shopping with this app, designed to help you “eat a bit better.” Use your phone’s camera to scan bar codes on boxes or enter it manually. The app will then calculate a letter grade based on “the concept of nutrient density of foods,” according to the FAQ section on the app. The details will tell you why it’s good (or not so good) for you. You can then select a better alternative and find out more about nutrition. The FAQ section also says a future version of the app will include personalization features. — J. Hill