RAVE of the Week

Daniella Appolonia

Rihanna’s fourth studio album, “Rated R,” has been met with much anticipation and excitement. Her first single, “Russian Roulette” has become a hit among fans with its provocative lyrics and intense plot. The pop star sings: “And you can see my heart beating/ You can see it through my chest/ And I’m terrified but I’m not leaving/ Know that I must pass this test/ So just pull the trigger.” Rihanna has teetered on the edgy side of music since collaborating with more artists. Her career has blossomed over the years with the collaboration (R&B star Ne-Yo wrote the track). Specifically, “Umbrella” (2007) was a re-awakening for the Barbados beauty. She is renowned for taking risks with that special “It” factor necessary for recognition as a force in the industry. However, this album takes her to completely new heights. Even the video for the single is especially risqué and mature. The pop star is proving she has something to say. The setting is dark and sinister; Rihanna is often seen in a padded room, or in the presence of guns, bullets and blood. Rihanna exhibits such raw emotion through her singing and video, which is proof of the true emotional pain that she has endured throughout her personal struggles in front of the media. Also, the song “Hard” on the album, featuring Young Jeezy, has received decent radio airplay with its infectious beats. The song is a description of how strong Rihanna is in keeping her head up and brushing the hurt off her shoulder. The album is available on Nov. 23 and is certain to cause a stir in the world of pop music.