Budget plans to cut Connecticut students financial aid

Katherine Rojas

Sr. Director of Financial Aid Dominic Yoia sent out an email Wednesday to all Connecticut resident students admitting to the University receiving a notification that Governor Dannel Malloy proposed a budget, which will eliminate Connecticut Independent College Student (CICS) grants and community service grants given to any student who attends a private college in Connecticut “with an institutional endowment larger than $200 million.”

CICS program funds were cut by 25 percent last year. Another 25 percent cut is scheduled for the upcoming year.

“Our students are being targeted to bear the brunt of CT’s ongoing budget woes, once again,” Yoia said in the email.

Quinnipiac University, as well as Yale, Wesleyan, Trinity, Connecticut College and Fairfield University, have an endowment of more than $200 million.

Incoming Connecticut resident freshmen who qualify for the $3,000 Capitol Scholarship per year were notified that their scholarship would not be funded, in addition to the budget cut.

Students who qualified for Capitol scholarship renewal were notified that their award would be reduced to $2,000 annually.

There will be a public hearing at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford on Tuesday at 6 p.m. in room 2C.

The Appropriations Committee said it will hear testimonies from school administrators, students and parents before coming to a final decision on whether to eliminate these grants for Connecticut resident students.