WRECK of the Week

Daniella Appolonia

Britney Spears’ provocative video for her new single “3” is an absolute disaster. How the entertainer’s new song hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart will forever remain a mystery. Although the pop star appears to have cleaned up her act while trying to get her career back in order, her new video has proven otherwise. The song sounds just like her music from past albums, this time accompanied by a video that could not possibly get any worse (unless Kevin Federline and Spears’ previously shaved head were somehow involved). One is left wondering why Spears even bothers singing when her voice sounds so computerized and electronically altered anyway. The skimpy outfits, bad choreography, and mindless dance moves by Spears and her acrobatic dancers only escalate as the video carries on. Leave it to Spears to try to make it back into the spotlight with a song about threesomes-“1, 2, 3/Not only you and me/Got one eighty degrees/and I’m caught in between.” We’ll see how long this “comeback” lasts and if sales of “The Singles Collection” coming out Nov. 10 prove the princess of pop is ready to be back on top.