WRECK of the week: Quinnipiac Named on the list of Socially Awkward Colleges

Caroline Tufts

With InsideCollege’s published list of “Socially Awkward Colleges,” writers at the Yale Daily News seem to have gained another weapon for their arsenal, aiding them in their ongoing harangue of Quinnipiac’s student-body.

Yes folks, it is sad to say we made the cut. As reported in the Huffington Post, we are among the ranks of schools such as Marist College, Boston University and Clark College.

Are QU students, as the YDN cleverly quipped (and yes, that is sarcasm), “urinating all over New Haven because they become nervous in social contexts and act out accordingly?”

The answer is unquestionably no. Quinnipiac may be quick to accommodate individuals who deal with learning disabilities, but as for the socially disabled, it is as tough a climate as any.

Quinnipiac offers students a thriving social life, and as with any other youth-centric community students- particularly any who may be considered “socially awkward”- need to stretch their limits and put themselves out there in order to succeed.

So it begs the question: how in the world did InsideCollege come up with this list, and how does a school such as ours– known for partying, public relations and athletics — make the cut?