RAVE of the week: NBC’s ‘Smash’ hit

Samantha Epstein

When Katherine McPhee made it through to the next week of “American Idol” in 2006 by sending Chris Daughtry packing, I promised to never love any of her work.

Unfortunately, I broke that promise Sunday night after the Super Bowl during the premiere of NBC’s new show, “Smash.”

The show stars McPhee, an actress looking for her big break on Broadway, and Debra Messing, a playwright searching for inspiration for her next musical.

Christian Borle, who starred in “Legally Blonde: The Musical,” plays Messing’s super flamboyant songwriter (insert cliché “Will and Grace” comment here). Together, Messing and Borle search for a director and a leading lady for the role of Marilyn Monroe.

McPhee’s competition for the role of Monroe, “Wicked” star Megan Hilty, gives her a run for her money with a voice even Lea Michele would kill for.

The episode ends with a bang as McPhee and Hilty belt a duet titled “Let Me Be Your Star,” while walking through Times Square on the way to their callback auditions.

Broadway lover or not, this show is a must-watch.