SGA Briefs

Glenn Taylor

The Quinnipiac Student Government Association held their sixth weekly meeting of the year last Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009, in SC 207.

Executive Board Reports

– The Student Leaders Advisory Committee met with President John Lahey and Vice President and Dean of Students Manuel Carreiro last Wednesday. President Lahey approved for the TD Bank Sports Center to have three open skates per semester. In addition, Lahey is looking into possibly opening the basketball court on a scheduled basis for the Quinnipiac student body. The plans, pending approval by Quinnipiac Athletics, are being brought forth to bridge the gap between the Mount Carmel and York Hill campuses.

– This week, Senior Vice President for Administration Richard Ferguson will present to the President’s Cabinet regarding new efforts that security will be taking on as the year progresses at York Hill.

– The Student Government Executive Board will be meeting with architects to discuss the expansion of the Student Center on the Mount Carmel campus.

Student Concerns

– At the end of the fall semester, it will be mandatory for students in QU seminars to take an online survey. If students do not complete the survey, their grade will be withheld from them.

– Students with questions or comments can now e-mail [email protected], which is now up and running.

– Special Elections to fill vacant Student Government positions will be held after the Document Review Committee and Election Committee both review the Student Government Constitution.


– October Special Appeals will be heard at the SGA Finance Committee meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 27. SGA will then vote on the appeals on Wednesday, Oct. 28.

– Selected SGA members will attend the annual Conference on Student Government Associations (COSGA), which is held from Feb. 29-March 3 at Texas A & M University.

Public Relations

– “The Big Event” planning is underway. This community service event, which will be held in the spring, involves teams of students dedicating service to Hamden and its surrounding areas through non-profit organizations. The Public Relations Committee is currently in contact with student leaders whom have experienced interest in the planning of the event.

– The Student Alumni Association approached the Public Relations Committee about becoming chartered as an organization. The Student Center is continually working with the SAA after a “road block” in the SGA Constitution initially prevented them from getting chartered.

– Community service event opportunities at the ML Keefe Community Center in Hamden are scheduled for Nov. 6 and Nov. 13.

Class Cabinet Reports

2010 – Signed up for Safe Rides Conference.

– Working on getting discount cards that would allow students to ride taxis for a lower price.

– Creating safety tips to distribute to RHDs on campus.

2011 – “Recharge” event in Alumni Hall planned for Monday, Dec. 7.

2012 – “Midterm Madness” had smaller turnout than expected.

– Deciding on goals for rest of year.

2013 – Class event will be a blacklight dance on Nov. 13.

Dr. Mark Thompson, senior vice president for academic and student affairs, spoke on his New Synthesis Project for Undergraduate Education.

– Objective is to put students in the best position possible when being compared to other college graduates out on the job search.

– The project is to last two years.

– Plan is to develop students all across the board by having more coordination throughout curriculum.

Tabled Motion

Nick Rossetti – Motion to take the table from previous week’s motion. – PASSED

Nick Rossetti – Motion to create ad hoc committee for purpose of working with administration to draft a Declaration of Student Rights for Quinnipiac. – PASSED