RAVE of the Week

Matt Busekroos

Finally. After years of waiting, wishing and hoping, Jim and Pam were married on NBC’s “The Office.” Jim and Pam’s romance has been a cornerstone of the hit comedy since the show premiered in March 2005. The first two seasons saw affable paper salesman Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) crush on meek (and engaged) receptionist Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer). Once Jim confessed his love for Pam, she turned him down by telling him that she was still planning to marry her fiancé Roy (David Denman). Jim transferred to another branch in the company, which left Pam pining for Jim from a distance during the third season. The two finally got together at the end of the third season. Since then, the couple was engaged by a gas station in the rain in the fifth season premiere and discovered they were expecting a baby in that season finale. Jim and Pam are a defining couple in television history. They have not gone stale since getting together like many television couples do and Krasinski and Fischer have impeccable chemistry that is rare to find in two actors. Jim and Pam’s wedding by Niagara Falls was marred by Jim publicly mentioning Pam’s pregnancy to their famalies at the rehearsal dinner and their boss Michael Scott (Steve Carell) trying to save Jim, but making the situation worse. Knowing their family would ruin the wedding somehow, Jim and Pam snuck off and romantically married on a boat by the actual Falls. The two later returned to the church where their family (and office co-workers) proceeded to dance down the aisle to Chris Brown’s “Forever” similar to the wedding that was a YouTube sensation last summer. Jim and Pam are married. All is right in the world.