Getting a leg up

Sarah Rosenberg

It must be fall here at Quinnipiac University: girls with their trusty spandex leggings and worn-out Ugg boots are stomping down Bobcat Way. Of course, I’m not dismissing the trend. I have been guilty of wearing the timeless-yet-tight form of pants. But, lo and behold, the blast-from-the-past leggings don’t just come in your basic black any more. Maybe the 1980s had it right-leggings are meant to be fashionable and even different. Neon may have played itself out, but these days leggings are ripped, zipped, and all together tampered with for unconventional looks.

Just the other day, while grabbing a bite to eat at the Bobcat Den, I spotted a female student rocking a pair of black leggings with long zippers on each ankle. I thought it was pretty rebellious and courageous of this mystery girl. She just had on a basic sweatshirt and sandals on to accompany the unique leggings.

I don’t think any die-hard shopper would be surprised at the fact that Urban Outfitters carries leggings such as these. Offering zipper leggings with adornments on the ankle or on the back of the leg, I’ve been tempted to cough up the cash for such an interesting pair of pants. I like the idea of a pair of leggings you don’t necessarily have to wear with boots. Strappy heels are ideal, so you can zip the leggings up, down, or half-way depending on how you want to show off the shoe. It’s definitely an item that will give Ugg boots a run for their money, or just more time in the closet.

If one wants to really be bold, colorful patterns and prints are making their way onto your basic cotton leggings. Bright floral prints stemming up and down your leg? Sure. Washed out black and white patterns coming down to your ankles? Of course. It’s all representative of the new generation of leggings and stores such as Urban Outfitters’ attempt to bring them to stores near you.

There are some new trends in the world of leggings that may be even more difficult to grasp-or more difficult to actually get on. This brings me to denim leggings. You may ask: Who would mess with a classic pant such as the beloved denim skinny jean or boot-cut dark washes you’ve worn countless days in a row? Personally, I’ve found a reason why we shouldn’t mess with what Levi’s worked so hard to make into a legacy: trying to get them on is more of a hassle than it’s worth.

While I was doing my annual back-to-school jeans shopping, I found a pair of jeans that were meant to fit like leggings, so I naturally tried them on while in American Eagle Outfitters. Standing in front of the three-way mirror trying to force on the tightest pair of pants I have ever had the pleasure of wearing, I realized that my Ugg boots could wait. I like my jeans tight–just not to the point where I need an oxygen mask just to breathe while I’m wearing them. I also realized I may need my roommate to be present every time I wanted to put them on or take them off, because I certainly couldn’t do it on my own.

For the brave at heart, I must mention the emergence of “liquid,” or leather, leggings. Talk about flashy. Such leather leggings are reminiscent of Sandy from “Grease,” but stars such as Mary-Kate Olsen and Rihanna have recently been caught wearing them in honor of motorcycle-chic fashion. Modern-day Pink Ladies beware, however, liquid leggings can be pricey. The popular brand for leather leggings as of late is Members Only, selling their hippest pair for $88 apiece. Hue sells them at $30, for those who want to try out the look without dropping their hard-earned cash on a pair that’s worth more than most of the clothes in their wardrobe.

Everyone knows the classic legging, coming in neutral colors such as black, gray, and brown, will never go out of style. But, that’s not to say we shouldn’t shop outside our comfort zone and pick up a pair of leggings that may require shoes other than our favorite sheepskin bootie. Give your legs a new thrill with a unique pair of leggings and see if it starts a new trend around campus. It may finally make the Ugg boot extinct.or at least completely last season.