WRECK of the Week

Daniella Appolonia

A creepy David Letterman supposedly possesses a “secret bedroom” at his New York City television studio. It doesn’t get any more disturbing than that. This week, Letterman confessed to having sexual relations with various female employees that worked for him during the ’90s and is now being blackmailed for $2 million. Ironically, Stephanie Birkitt, one of his alleged “lovers” and former intern looks extremely happy in some of the photos that have surfaced. Now, Birkitt has moved on to CBS Producer Robert Joe Halderman. A grudge between the two men is a possible cause for the extortion scheme started by Halderman. The plotter threatened to reveal the secret affairs unless Letterman coughed up the cash. Yet, the television host had no problem owning up to his faults. The whole situation is just unsettling. After all, Letterman just married his long-term girlfriend this past March. And cheating on her with all of these women decades younger than him is just gross. Looks like the joke is on Letterman this time.